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New June 2018
Magee Island by A.D.Graham

New June 2018
The Kinkiest Girl in Town by John Savage

New June 2018
The Great Enslavement 3 by John Savage
New May 2018
The Amber Prophecy by Carmella McKenzie
New April 2018
SINClair 2 by Stella Fyre
New April 2018
Lake of Stars by Alison McKenzie
New April 2018
Susie's House of Secret Desires by John Savage
New March 2018
Nazi Days and Nights 3 by Yabba
New March 2018
The Great Enslavement 2 by John Savage
New March 2018
Witches and Demons by John Savage



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Featured Book

Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Spanking Dervish by Grendel Butler

London 1888: Overshadowed by the exploits of Jack the Ripper, another serial criminal is creating fear and alarm among the wealthier residents of London. Dubbed "The Spanking Dervish", the miscreant targets young ladies late at night, breaking into their homes, pulling them from their beds, ripping off their nightclothes and administering a severe thrashing to their naked backsides before disappearing into the darkness. When he attacks a lady of the Royal Household, Queen Victoria is not amused and calls in Sherlock Holmes to catch the perpetrator, much to the consternation of the ever-faithful yet singularly innocent Dr Watson when Holmes deems it necessary to visit specialist brothels to research the case.

Grendel Butler brilliantly recreates the style and atmosphere of the original Sherlock Holmes stories in this witty, exciting and mildly erotic tale of Victorian London.

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