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NEW June 2011
Captive Travelers by Candace Smith

Alongside our world is another, a spirit world of the American Indians, where the white man hasnít destroyed the herds of buffalo and where the Indian tribes live in much the same way they have existed for centuries. There is a link between the worlds but it is rarely used, and for those who find it the consequences may be terrifying. Showing disrespect to an Indian in our world may be enough, if the spirits agree, and the perpetrator of the disrespect will find himself or herself transported to the other world with no hope of return, and forced to become a slave to the tribes of the other world. So it was for Kayla and her two friends. Although her Indian boyfriend stole from her, breaking up their relationship was enough to condemn Kayla. The young manís grandmother wanted revenge on Kayla, and soon the three young women were facing a lifetime of pain, sexual torment and punishment at the hands of the warriors of the Wehali tribe in the other world. Even so, there was something about the muscle-bound warriors that was both arousing and exciting, and perhaps the spirits were trying to map a future for the girls and for the Wehali tribe that no one could possibly have foretold.

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