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"Revenge of the Flinker"
Susan Strict
 Revenge of The Flinker by Susan Strict

There was a time when every mature female had her own flinker to use and abuse, to feed and protect and, of course, to satisfy her sexual needs however much the flinker might suffer in the process of fulfilling those needs.  She would never have even considered sharing him or allowing any other female to touch him, except possibly her own young vixlings as soon as they were of an age when an education in sexual matters started to become desirable.


That was long ago, and as anyone will know who has read Susan Strict's The Flinker, the first book in this series, that world is now very different.  For many years the shortage of flinkers has meant that society has become accustom to sharing those few remaining at public gatherings where each female of an appropriate age (and older) can satisfy her sexual needs on whichever flinker has been called, restrained, and forced to provide his services.


Every flinker is called in turn.  Every flinker that is, except one.  Almost a recluse, he made his home where he was unlikely to be found.  He might have lived there by the edge of the huge inland sea until he died of old age, if a remarkable series of events had not led to that great sea revealing one of its darkest secrets. 


Something is stirring deep in the sea.  An army is on the move, and the lone flinker is convinced it is an army whose appearance will change the world for the better.  He had not realised that the world was already changing.  He did not know about Shardine who, readers of The Flinker may be surprised to learn, survived her death sentence and has taken her own path of rebellion against the society that condemned her.  He had no idea that the world was already changing and that the sexual needs of the dominant females of the world were changing with it.  He was about to find out.


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